Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Doctor Stoppage”

I like that John Fitch gets a column in MMAfighting. Among other things, it gives him a chance to engage in the sort of Mixed Metaphor Artistry that would put Tom Friedman to shame:

It may not look as pretty as a surgeon who goes out there and cuts an opponent’s head off, but it’s no less effective.

I s’pose “effective” is one word for a surgeon who cuts someone’s head off…


2 responses to “Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Doctor Stoppage”

  1. A strong response from the big man. But Fitch has an answer in the last two paragraphs of his latest column:

    Also, one of the biggest advantages I have going into this fight is that B.J. doesn’t really know everything I bring to the table. He has only seen small glimpses of what I can do since that GSP fight and nobody truly knows how I will look when it all comes together. He is preparing for a very fractured and experimental version of myself, but the truth will be something completely different.

    So Fitch is using fractured and experimental parts to assemble a new version of himself that his opponent knows nothing about. On a table. But he’s not a surgeon.

    This man remains at the very top of his game in every sphere. He’s put the impenetrable-metaphor-smack-down on the Dan Severn of the New York Times, AND he’s probably going to beat BJ Penn this weekend.

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