Business as usual…

Well fuck me. Didn’t I pick a good time to start a blog about the UFC and market dominance?

There’s a lot of good commentary on this elsewhere, so just a few quick thoughts about the interview:

“We’re not reducing competition.”

Because a bunch of shows whose names Dana can’t remember took place in Canada? I don’t think we’re meant to take this seriously.

“Go talk to Bellator!”

Managers and sponsors have to be feeling pretty sick at the moment. If you don’t like the terms you’re getting from the UFC, your room for negotiation is now effectively non-existent. At least top-level fighters used to be able to make semi-credible threats about taking their wares elsewhere.

“Business as usual”

If Dana White had repeated this phrase any more during the interview, we’d all have forgotten the buy-out story in favour of specualtion about the UFC CEO’s possible brain injury. It was Dana’s magic answer for everything: “Any onsequences for fighters you don’t like?” – “Business as usual.” “For Strikeforce staff?” – “Business as usual.” “Women in MMA?” – “Business as usual.” You start to wonder why the hell Zuffa bought the thing in the first place.

Obviously it’d be best not to take him too seriously on this. If there was a masterplan to start turning the heat up on fighters, fans and sponsors now that none of them have anywhere else to go, that’s probably not the sort of thing you’d come out with in a friendly chat with Ariel Helwani.

“We need more fights” 

I can’t believe that this was the line that they decided to take. Zuffa just reduced the number of fights it was holding, but to hear Dana tell it you’d think that everyone with a UFC contract was getting more work than they could handle.

Slightly off-topic

 Gareth A. Davies really is a nasty little sycophant, isn’t he?

It is not bad in any real sense for MMA globally. Better for the fans, certainly. 

That’s a pretty bold statement this early in the game isn’t it?

The UFC will still need smaller organisations like Bellator and BAMMA for prospects to come through, just as Formula 1 needs Formula 2 and Formula 3. The winner of F1, is the ultimate racing driving champion.

This would be more convincing if Davis wasn’t just repeating what Dana White said. And if he could use commas properly.


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